Milton Baptist Church is fully active on social media, using all three main platforms for the work of evangelism and building up the body of Christ with postings regarding Bible verses, devotional material and previous sermon series being common place.  They are also excellent platforms for advertising our church events, specifically those with an evangelistic intent.

Why not check out our social media accounts out and join us as we seek to be a witness to the world for Christ?


Want to connect with the latest sermons on the go?  Do you want to download the latest sermons to your phone and listen in using a custom built sermon player?  Do you want access to a morning and evening devotional by C.H.Spurgeon?  

Well, using our SermonAudio based iPhone and Android phone Apps, you can do just that. Click on the appropriate logo below to directly download either an apple or android formatted app.

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Milton Baptist Church believes that every Christian, as a steward of God's gifts to them, should sacrificially and cheerfully support the local church, motivated by their love for the Lord Jesus Christ, to further the church's ministry and mission of evangelism throughout the world.  The giver should do voluntarily, with a cheerful heart and with a heart of worship for The Lord Jesus Christ.

If you are a believer in The Lord Jesus Christ who regularly attends church here, or if despite attending another local assembly which you give to regularly you wish to give to the work and mission of Milton Baptist Church, you can do so through our secure donation form.