Theological College of North Staffordshire (TCNS)

The Theological College of North Staffordshire (TCNS) is a ministry of Milton Baptist Church. The College was formed in 2013 when Pastor David Moore, concerned at the lack of opportunities for men who desire to enter pastoral ministry to be educated in establishments faithful to the pre-millennial faith, assembled a group of experienced pastors to form a new theological college in North Staffordshire. The Theological College of North Staffordshire operates from the premises of Milton Baptist Church, Stoke on Trent.

The Purpose of TCNS

Our purpose is to equip men for full-time Christian service. We emphasise the importance of pastoral ministry and church planting whilst giving students a solid grounding in theology from the pre-millennial and classical dispensational perspectives. The course administered by TCNS is designed to educate and disciple men of Godly character to be future assets to the church and a blessing to any future congregation to which The Lord leads them.

Affiliation With Calvary Baptist Bible College and Seminary

The curriculum delivered at TCNS, and the subsequent award of the Bachelor of Theology degree, is in line with the academic programme delivered by Calvary Baptist Bible College and Seminary in North Carolina, USA. This is because TCNS does not hold a Royal Charter, which is required by UK law to administer degrees and higher education diplomas. Prospective students should therefore recognise that the Bachelor of Theology degree, administered by Calvary Baptist Bible College and Seminary, via TCNS, is simply to accredit students for pastoral ministry in independent Baptist churches (or similar evangelical churches) and is not recognised as a higher qualification in secular employment.

TCNS Distinctives

The TCNS has a number of distinctives which help shape the direction and delivery of the course:

  • TCNS is distinctively Baptist in doctrine and ecclesiology.
  • TCNS holds to the classic dispensational, pre-millennial position.
  • TCNS holds that the Authorised (King James) Version of the Bible is the most faithful and accurate English translation of the Hebrew Masoretic and Greek Received Texts. We, therefore, use the Authorised Version of the Bible in all teaching and preaching at TCNS.
  • TCNS holds to the beliefs of Milton Baptist Church (see the beliefs in the "About Us" section of the website).

Admission Requirements, Course Structure and Additional Information

Admission criteria

To be admitted to the TCNS, the applicant:

  • Must know the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal saviour
  • Must be baptised by immersion (in keeping with the practice of independent Baptist churches)
  • Must exhibit a measure of spiritual maturity, having a manner of life consistent with a Godly Christian testimony
  • Will be a member of Milton Baptist Church or another church of like faith and practice
  • Must either
  • have a GCSE or GCE 'O' Level certificate in English at grade C or above, or
  • be at least 20 years of age and, following personal interview, able to display literacy skills in keeping with higher level education
  • Must provide any necessary references prior to admission
  • Be able to provide the necessary fees for the first term of study (£300 per term)

Are You Interested in Finding Out More?

If you want more information on TCNS, are interested in attending TCNS, or you want to know how you can support the ministry of TCNS at Milton Baptist Church, please email us at